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leewardside added a title to their For later shelf Aug 16 2018
After working with bestselling crime writer Alan Conway for years, editor Susan Ryeland is intimately familiar with his detective, Atticus Pünd, who solves mysteries in sleepy English villages. His traditional formula has proved hugely successful,...
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"Dispiriting: for effeminate gay boys small town France in the 2000's is no better than small town Canada in the 1950's." Permalink
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Jul 17 2018
"Autobiographical fiction of the author’s early years growing up gay in a working-class factory town in Northern France. Poverty, alcoholism, ignorance and bullying are the realities of this young boy’s daily existence. His only hope for escape is ..." Permalink
leewardside added a title to their For later shelf Jul 09 2018
India, 1920. Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police Force investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharajah's son. The fabulously wealthy kingdom of Sambalpore is home to tigers, elephants, diamond mines and the beautiful...
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