The Return of the King
The Return of the King Being the Third Part of The Lord of the Rings By Tolkien, J. R. R. Book - 1965

This book and series wasn't exactly what I was expecting. There was excitement, action and adventure, but always under a subdued tone. The fighting scenes were intense but then the same amount of page space would be given to the armies travelling from one place to another. There was a large emphasis in Aragorn's character which was really neat. When it came to Sam and Frodo, I felt as though their story in this book was way more exciting and intriguing than the Two Towers which made it easier to read.
The ending is how one would expect it to be which I felt was comforting. There was a big part that I don't remember being in the movies that happened in the book but it also added to the story.
It's pretty sad to see these characters go, but at least I can watch the movies over and over again to remind myself how great this series is.

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