The Lunatic Express
The Lunatic Express Discovering the World-- via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes By Hoffman, Carl Book - 2010

The Lunatic Express - An appropriate title in some ways. While I could not imagine putting myself at such risk (or my family certain consequences of my choices), I could see why Hoffman chose his lifestyle . . . up to a point. Yes, his life was exciting and dangerous and he got in touch with humanity in ways that most people never do. Yes, Americans are spoiled and selfish and self-centered, but when it all comes down to it, who does he share his life with? He himself questions his motives, did his daughter understand him after spending time with him?
After so many stories, it just seemed to me that he was risking his life for another and greater jolt of adrenaline . . . will I survive this plane trip? this bus ride? this ferry ride? And despite the fact that he did have a wonderful opportunity to see a side of life in Kandahar, his presence alone put another human being in danger. He asked the man, his guide, basically, if he (the guide) felt safe? The response was not when he was with Hoffman.
In this reviewer's opinion, entertainment is no excuse to place other people's lives at risk. Perhaps, this book was intended for purposes beyond entertainment and I just missed the point.

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