I had heard good things about these authors and their debut novel The Wife Between Us, so I was excited to dig into this one. It sounded very intriguing.

It was quick to read, which was something I needed right now, and the alternating POVs between the characters aided in that. And I really enjoyed that one of the POVs was in the second person, I think it adds to how creepy the situation is, and how twisted and delusional the character is.

They really hit you over the head with the book's theme of morality though. Which makes sense for at least one of the characters, to be so obsessed with it, but there were times where it felt a little much. I think Jess fell a little flat for me, just because she was very out of her depth. For her to match Dr. Shields in terms of intelligence is difficult. And as such, she comes across a little disjointed. Because she needs to be a bit of a detective, but it doesn't much suit her. And I understand the reasons why, in order to move the plot along, but I didn't really get a sense of personality from her as a result.

BUT I think this book serves as a good introduction for people looking to get into thrillers; it's very light on violence; it's not graphic or too explicit. Entertaining, and not too complicated.

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