DuckTales Destination Adventure DVD - 2018

I loved, LOVED the 1980's/90's Ducktales, so I was skeptical, but curious when they announced a reboot of the classic Disney show.

I need not of worried. This is an excellent reboot, that pays beautiful homage to all "DuckTales" lore, while being fresh and original. From Carl Barks and Don Rosa's work, to the DuckTales cartoon I knew and loved this is a well done show. Alan Young's passing left some huge shoes to fill for a Scrooge, but David Tennant has filled them wonderfully. I'm particularly happy to see they've given Huey, Dewey, and Louie each a unique personality to go with their individual voice actor. Webby has also been greatly improved from her rather poorly done original version in the 80's cartoon. The writing is also top notch and among some of the best in the industry.

Overall, it is an excellent addition to the Disney-verse.

AceLib's rating:
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