Crazy Roller Coaster Ride.

How do I start?
This is Mr. King's rebound novel after Sleeping Beauties, and in typical Stephen King fashion, your emotions go places you didn't realize they could.

Starting out this is a pretty straight forward "who did it" type story until you realize Mr. King now has to explain how someone can be in 2 different places at the same time. I think we all wish at times we could do that, but trust me, not in this way.
An unthinkable crime was committed, not one for the weak stomach people.
This opens up a slew of events making you think you are on the verge of figuring out what just happened.
But, you don't.

Three quarters of the novel are exciting, edge of your seat enjoyable, with a couple of different false endings.
Then Mr. King decides to be Mr. King.
He's going to make you wait for the finale.

This could have very well been 150 pages shorter, and great. I found myself drudging through the final 100 pages, looking at the page number, counting down in my head how many more pages I had left.
A couple of the action scenes during those final pages were good, but the rest seemed like too much overkill, preventing me from giving this 5 stars.

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