Rowing to Latitude
Rowing to Latitude Journeys Along the Arctic's Edge By Fredston, Jill A. Book - 2001

Jill Fredston, a complete masochist, is also an evocative writer and story teller. Ms. Fredston's tales of dragging her two hundred pound rowing boat across the ice above the Arctic Circle do not invoke envy - in fact, one would rightly think her insane. But the places she goes, with her beloved husband Doug, most mortals will never see. A first hand account of a polar bear encounter, and near attack, makes for amazing story telling. Her luminous descriptions of the cold climes and cliffs of Labrador have the place sound enticing, despite it being locked in permanent chill. And it was good to hear that a thousand years of Viking habitation have indeed affected (negatively) the coast of Norway, lest one think that far northern place immune. It's hard to imagine anybody being inspired to do what Ms. Fredston has done, but it is good to know somebody has done it, at least once before it is all gone.

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