Hangman A Novel By Talty, Stephan Unknown - 2014

Abbie (Absalom) Kearney is back in a make or break case. Convicted serial killer Marcus Flynn (aka Hangman) has escaped while being transported to Attica. When he eludes the searchers and another young girl from North Buffalo is found dead it seems that he has returned to his original hunting grounds. Abbie and the other officers of the Buffalo Police Department must find him and stop the killings. With her usual partner Z off recovering from an injury, Abbie must work with Detective Raymond. Can they locate ‘Hangman’ in time? Will Abbie compromise the ideals she has thus far held to and turn to The Network, an unofficial group operating within the heavily Irish South section of Buffalo, for help when she faces roadblocks in her investigation?
Do the ends justify the means? What secrets are left that didn’t come out in the original investigation? How many more people will die before the police can bring the killer to justice?
Exciting and intense, Hangman will keep you guessing right up until the final twist.

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