After reading "Black Irish", I knew two things: I really liked the character of Absalom Kearney & Mr. Talty writes a mean thriller.
This is an excellent follow up. I won't rehash the whole plot as you can read that in the blurb above.
There are several elements that make this a worthwhile read: the continuing evolution of Abbie's character, the evocative description of "the county", a largely Irish neighbourhood where she grew up, a creepy bad guy on the loose & a taut, cleverly plotted police procedural with twists & turns that keep you guessing.
The prose is unembellished & flows well, the characters are well developed & dialogue is lean. You won't like all the people in this story but you'll always find them believable.
If you're a fan of Val McDermid, Tana French or Carol O'Connell, you'll enjoy this.

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